"Garnish the Dish" - Finale


First and foremost, I would like to say a big THANKS to all of you for sending your amazing creativity to us. What more can make us happy than getting 35 beautiful entries for our first event. :)

We call it a grand success and invite you all in for more fun. :)

Hmmmm... 35 was quite a big number and both of us as judges had a very tough time marking you all. I really mean it when I say TOUGH! All of you had gone for a great attempt that we really could not make up our minds for top 5.

So what are we gonna do????????

huh... what else??!! Come on.. we make rules and we break rules too. ;)

5 bonus contestants are selected for the finale of poll. :) Total of ten in for the next step. Call for a party again!!!! :)

FAQ: How are we going about with the voting?!!!!!

NO NAME ! NO FAME! is the rule.
We are just presenting in your garnished pictures for the voting in lieu of your name and blog name. So let the vote go to the most visually appealing dish than the most popular person. Sounds better na!!! :)

Invite as many people as you want for voting. But we strictly discourage mal practice or vote spamming. Come on.. lets grow up and take things sportively. :)

The voting would be open for 7 days in the right column of this page. Thats till 14th of October. As said, on 15th we would announce the WINNER - PEOPLE'S CHOICE for the "Garnish the Dish" event. Hey wait wait.. is that all!!?? No no..

The In-laws have a surprise award too. :) along with an eye catching display of all the 35 entries next week.

So gear up!!!!! Find the poll in the right column and shoot up your votes immediately.
I am posting the pictures here again in a bigger size for you all to take a closer look.


Note: Look into the contestant Number and the dish name below and vote for the corresponding dish in the poll box found in the right column.

Contestant No:1 - Paneer puff


Contestant No.2
- Salad in tomato basket


Contestant No. 3
- Curd Rice


Contestant No. 4 - Stuffed Mushrooms


Contestant No. 5 - Tomato Rasam


Contestant No. 6 - Mini Idly


Contestant No. 7 - Dal Makhni


Contestant No. 8 - Sweet Vols-au-vent


Contestant No. 9 - Okra Masala


Contestant No. 10 - Banana Rava Halwa


Good Luck to the contestants! :)

All the other entries were awesome too. Each of you were good at something or the other. We are sincere admirers of all of you. :) Thanks a million for your participation and encouragement for the event.

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vidhas said...

Awesome dishhes, really a fabulous treat for the eyes. great job,

Aruna Manikandan said...

Wonderful roundup!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice treat for the eyes
Conduct more events differently like this

Ammu Madhu said...

wow..amazing decorations..nice choices nithi&pavi..


Uma said...

lovely roundup. All the best to the contestants. All of them are soooo pretty.

Sara Reid said...

Great food!
I just can stop my self to eat if plates will putted on the table near me. I love that all items, attractively decorative. I will treat my family with decorations now and learn from this article. Thank you!

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sharon baker said...


Fantastic dishes with awesome decoration....